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The demand of professional staffing skill categories are mostly huge in numbers as compared with others as it covers all sorts of office skills ranging from Administration to finance and supply chain management and so on.

We understand the criticality of the needs of the clients and the deadline they need to be delivered.

Our dedicated team is highly experienced in handling the bulk needs of the MSP/VMS market trends and the deliverables within the required deadline.

At BFS, we categorize the professional staffing into office and industrial skills. The idea is to have the specialized team work on the respective forte for an outstanding delivery system.

We place unique consultants in the following professional staffing space:

Office, Administrative, Clerical, Customer Service, Human Resources, Project management, Procurement, Supply chain management, Sales & Marketing, Executive Assistants


Warehouse, Production, Packaging, Shipping, Machine Operations, Mechanical (technician level), Hospitality, Logistics

If you are looking for temporary professional staffing solutions, we encourage you to give us an opportunity to present the details.